30 10 2008

I have come to realize that not only am I fat, I am a binge drinker.  Troy told me last night that I just don’t know when to stop.  He tried to categorize me as an alcoholic, but I know I am not.  I explained that I binge drink, or at least I fit that category.  I had one OJ and rum last night, which is very good for me.  Normally I start and can’t stop.  

I totally blew my eating yesterday, I didn’t track at all.  I have been sick with a sinus infection for 2 weeks now.  Yesterday I felt horrible.  I also haven’t been on the scale in 3 days.  Sometimes I wonder if I have enough control to do this.  Food is like a drug for me.  I use it in the wrong ways.  It was my medication for feeling sick yesterday, that is wrong.  If I can just track again I would be fine.  I know that I can do 800 cal or less if I don’t drink, I have done it b4 *LOTS OF TIMES*….It is all the alcohol that is killing me.



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30 10 2008

You are a genius! I’ve heard of neg cal, of course, but wrote it off as a myth. I know also that celery has like 5 cals… idk I guess it’s just I never considered being able to eat anything when I shouldn’t be… you know?

But that prothinspo site you have up there is BRILLIANT. I spent all morning going through it whilst getting ready and I can’t wait to peruse it more comfortably later. Great distraction!

OK I have to finish up some work and get back to reading my ed books here at the school library… between suffering the effects of this all natural laxative ((which I thought would be much gentler – obviously not ha ha)). I’ve vowed never to consume that vile stuff ever again literally six times today. geez louise. But I might try to find some celery or maybe carrots… Although all I might be able to find is an apple…….what’s your opinion on those?

damn gotta jet :p
xo Hana

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