Just Not Cuttin It

4 12 2008

So I am just not able to take the weight off with just diet and exercise so I have decided to start taking supplements again. It is not the way that I wanted to do it but I guess whatever works I am going to have to do.

I am sore as hell today and I still feel like shit. I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday but I did manage to get in a workout here at home.

I rode my bike 2 miles, worked on squats and lunges, did some free weights and stair steppers. I probably didn’t burn near as many cals as I do at the gym but damn I am hurting today.

This has also been a very busy day which has been good. This is actually the first time that I have sit down today since this morning before 8am. Not too bad I guess that is cals that I am burning.

Got to go back to work here in a bit so I am going to have dinner early so that when I get off I can head straight for the gym. No if’s and’s or but’s tonight. I have got to go and burn off some of the energy that I have accumulated through out the day.

Progress is slow but I am hopeful that all the sweat and tears that I have put into this will soon catch up with me. I am getting all the water in that I was struggling to get in before. I have totally cut out caffine from my diet except for when I do go out to eat. Which I am proud to say that we have not ate out all week. I have cooked lunch and dinner for myself all week.

 Normally my daughter and I have a bad habbit of just going and grabbing something. It is so easy to do and actually cheaper for us(since it is just the 2 of us).

This week I have made the time to cook dinner everynight and we have enjoyed being able to sit down at the table for a meal together. That is definately something that I need to get back in the routine of.

So although I have not been losing like I had hoped I am thankful for what I have lost and I feel so much better now that i am working out everyday.

Keep up all the good work everyone. Much love xoxo*S



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