Stayin on track

5 02 2009

It is only day two but still I have to say that I am on track and motivated to make this work. Usually by day two or three I am dreading the food or diet or everything. The bet is really going to be a good thing for me. I am a very competitive person and I know my family is too so that makes me want to work even harder to prove myself. So here’s what I have ate today.

bfast: slimfast and water  220cals

snack: cranberry juice  120 cals

lunch: pear and water  50 cals

dinner:  turkey burger  240 cals

dessert: WW cookie   90 cals

Ok so that is a total of  720 cals for the day. Not to shabby!  So I said yesterday that I was taken the 7 day cleanse by Hydroxycut  and I have to add that I have spent a majority of the day in the restroom so I think that it is doing something.  I have also been taking fiber pills to though so that may be helping. I am gettin ready to head out to the gym for an hour of cardio tonight. I did my strength trainin yesterday so I am trying to rotate it so that I don’t get burnt out or hit that so called plateau. By the way that is a figment of the imagination. It is just telling you that you are not pushing your body hard enough to take off those pounds that you want to take off. Yes it may slow down but it doesn’t stop if you push through the comfort zone.. 

No caffine has made me a bitch today and I am aware of that. I have had no patients with anyone including my daughter and that makes me feel bad but I know that if I just stick it out for a few more days that will change and I will be back to the regular me.  Cutting the carbs and caffine is going to take a toll on my body for a while but that is the conciquences that I am will to take to lose this weight. I am done being the fat mommy and the unhealthy (can’t run or dance all night at the bar) friend.  I just want to be the inergetic person that I know I am inside. I want that to shine through.

For all of you struggling with weight I am here for ya and I wish you all the best of luck.  Keep your head up and stay strong.



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