Feelin the Burn

13 02 2009

I just got home from the gym and I am feelin great, besides the sinus shit that I can’t seem to kick due to the wonderful weather here in southern IL.  Yeah I admit it I live in IL so what? lol  I got in a 2 hour workout today. Not near enough but hey you got to get what ya can sometimes and that happened to be all I got today.  My daughter was sick again lastnight and today so I delt with that most of the day. When I wasn’t tryin to work. Work was a drag, sick kid, not enough time at the gym, makes for a not so good day. I was just not feelin it today.  I must admit that the only reason I went to the gym is because my (daddy) asked if I was going. I just couldn’t tell him no I am being lazy today and I don’t want to go so I went. Good thing he is watchin out for me or I wouldn’t of went today and there has been other days as well.  I figure if my dad can work out for 2 1/2 hours I should be able to fit in some time too.  I am a big DADDY’S GIRL  and I hate to disappoint him so when I don’t go I feel like I am letting him down as well as my daughter and myself.  My daddy(yes that’s what I call him still) has some health issues that I am sure someday unless I do something about it now are going to be issues of mine too. He has High blood pressure and diabetes( which he has under control and no longer has to take meds).  I want to get my life under control so I can teach my daughter to control hers. I don’t want to leave behind the most important thing in my life before it is my time.  So now is the time to change the bad things that I have taught her and replace them with good ones. 

I haven’t weighed today and don’t plan to weigh tomorrow. I am trying to break myself of the vicious cycle. I am habitual about it and I want to stop. I fluctuate so bad that all it does is frustrate and discourage me so I have got to stop. I do not want this time to be like all the other where I give up because of a pound or two gained.  This is no longer an option for me…  It must be done and done right.

I hope that things are good for you all and hopefully you will get something other than chocolates for V-day…lol




One response

13 02 2009

Well kiley is a little better and so am I, guess I better get my butt in gear to the gym! I am glad you went and feel good.

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