I’m Back

5 05 2009

Hey guys well if you hadn’t guess things haven’t exactly went the way that I planned around here. The weight loss is not going well but I am at it again and eventually I will make it to my goal weight. I am working out and eating a shit ton of salad and watching my carb intake. I did start taking the Alli diet pill and I am not seeing the effects that everyone says there is .I am however walking 4 miles a day and that is doing me some good. I feel better even though the weight is not coming off like I had hoped. I do however have another dr apt. for this week to find out if something is going on with my thyroid. I have busted my butt and with little result it is hard to keep going but i just keep in mind that I do have a beautiful lil girl to keep going for.

On another note I am having much luck with my business and have gained a good clientel. I am even starting a job working with the residental living center here by my house next Wed. so that is a good thing and I am excited. It will be one day a week and I will take care of the ladies hair there at the center. I got a Pedicure chair now that I am moved into a bigger shop and business is going well with that. I love my new space and the accomplishments that I have made there. Now if I can only get my health issues taken care of I will be set.

With school about to let out I am starting to worry about what to do with my daughter for the summer. She will go to her dads alot of the time but he has to go to work before I will be getting off and now I have to figure out what to do with that in between time. I’m sure that it will all work out and things will be fine. Putting in all these hours will hopefully pay off in the long run.

To all of you who are reading thanks for bearing with me even though I do not get on as often as I would like. I do appreciate the comments and I am sorry for not getting back to you as soon as I should have. Feel free to send me an email at s_treffert@yahoo.com I hope to hear from you and I just want to wish you all the best of luck. Hopefully I will be on sooner this next time. Until then much love to all of you




One response

5 05 2009

Glad you are back on the wagon. Alli is doing well for me, just make sure to drink lots of water!!! xoxo~Christi

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