Ok so i got to clear the air… YOU MUST READ

28 09 2009

Just so we r clear this site is not meant to pusuade anyone to do any diet that we have talked about on this blog. My only intentions with this site is to share what I have tried and what has worked or not worked for me. I do understand that many of you have issues with the types of diets that have been discussed on this site. For me and many others who read and support this blog it is a way to discuss what we try and what we are feeling with the diets that we try. If you pay any attention to this blog at all that is not the only things that I discuss on here. This is a personal  way for me to clear my mind and get things off my chest. For those of you who find my blog offensive I am sorry for that but you can at any time click off and discontinue reading.  I am a single mother I am a smoker and I am a woman who has many struggles in her life weight being one of many. This is not a pity party for me I do not expect you to feel sorry for me or to understand where I am coming from with all the things that I write about.  To any children who may read this blog DO UNDERSTAND THAT I AM NOT CONDOANING THIS BEHAVIOR OR THIS LIFESTYLE. I DO believe that the best and healthiest way to lose weight is to diet and exercise. Which IS what I have been doing since last posting on this site. It has taken much time but I am now down 32 pounds and feeling wonderful about it. Knowing that I have done it the right way is fullfilling. I do have some help from a diet pill that I take. This pill is however prescribed by a doctor under his supervision. So to all of you who are reading and do read this thank you so much. As for all of my haters I hope that I have cleared things up for you.




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