Ugh..It’s Monday

24 11 2008

Ok so it is Monday morning and so far this morning is going good. I just got home from a 90 min workout.(third day in a row) I feel great..sore but great. I know that it will all pay off so I am going to keep it up.

My gym is closed for Thanksgiving so I will have to use an alternate form of exercise that day. Still thinking on that one. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

This weekend didn’t go as planned for me I had hoped to be down 15 by now but that is not the case. As of this morning I am down 11.2

I have been having trouble with having a BM so I think that has alot to do with it. I hadn’t been able to go since Wednesday. This is not normal for an everyday girl. So yesterday I took a couple of laxatives to help me out.

This morning at 4:30 I went. and then again and again. Not that you really care but I feel that is the reason that I haven’t dropped more than I have.

I was up 2 pounds one morning and I was balistic. It was so hard for me because I had been doing so good and that was not suppose to happen. It was off the next day but I was still upset.

I have to get the 40 off by Jan.2 because it is now a challenge. Everyone in my life has told me that it will not happen, there is no way you will drop that much, blah, blah,blah. So now it is to prove myself and let everyone know that if you want it bad enough that it can happen.

I am thinking of signing up with a personal trainer at my gym but I am not sure if that is really for me. I am kind of a free flow kind of person who likes to change things up when I am at the gym. I don’t want to be stuck doing the same things everyday and that is what I see with them when I am there.So I am still thinking of it but I am probably not going to just for that reason.

They do have machines there that you can get a personalized key for so that you know how much and how many to do each day. The trainer sits these up but doesn’t stick with you all the time so I will probably do something like that. I don’t like to be watched. I fell like I accomplish more when noone is watching. I tend to compete with myself and the others around me.

I am still very happy with my results and I am thinking of it like I only have 28.8 to go. Good luck to everyone over the holiday coming up and I hope it goes well for ya.

much luv,xoxo***S

Friday Morning

24 10 2008

No change here…still the same as yesterday.  This is when I begin to get frustrated.  I am getting the breathing machine out this afternoon and see if that doesn’t help.  I know that I am not eating that much, I mean you are eating way less than me, but I am eating maybe one solid meal a day.  Yesterday I ate 2 and the last one was late and I went to bed right after.  I know I should eat 3 hours b4 I lay down, but it is hard cuz DH eats so late.

I am going to the school for the little pumpkin patch thing today.  That will be exercise for sure, chasing 4 and 5 year olds all over a play area!!  *fun fun*  I took 5 sudefedrines and 2 hoodia this am 8 oz of the strawberries/banana V8(which is gross, btw, I prefer the regular for 80 calories for 8 oz to this for 50 calories)  I am taking 1/2 an onion bagel with me to the cafe in case, and a can of regular V8.  I hope I don’t eat at all, but smelling all the food sends me over the edge :P…I hope you were down this am, I will try to be on messenger this afternoon.  I think I may pick up some laxys just to clean me out…I think you are already clean, but you had a point.  My body is still full of crap that hasn’t come out yet.  I need to do a liquid fast and detox for sure.

Just gonna go one day at a time…I can’t get it off over night*sadly*




Still Fasting in IL

23 10 2008

So last night after getting off of here and going to bed my stomach hurt so bad that I decided to eat something. I ate a small bowl of cereal and then felt so bad about it that I decided to purge.  The only good part of that is it was easy to purge.  I was so happy all day that I had lived through the hunger and then I blew it and ate and at bed time at that. This morning wasn’t much better when I got up and found out that I had only lost a pound. I’m hoping that this is all worth it come Sat morning.  The benefiber by the way is not working for me if anything it is making me feel bloated so that is done for. Back to the laxy’s for a while. Oh and I do take caffeine pills so I don’t think that the headaches are from that. The ephedra I get at the gas station. They quit it here for a while but now they are back. I actually just picked some up this morning while getting juice. Well that’s all I have for now but I will post again tomorrow.



19 10 2008

Well here is what I have to say.  I did the laxy thing and then I found out that you body still consumes the calories.  All you are getting rid of is waste.  Wouldn’t you rather take extra fiber and poop?  It would do less harm to your body and give you the same effect.  Your body still uses/stores the calories either way.  I tried some benifiber and it works just as good for me as ex lax.  The average woman needs at least 80grams of fiber a day and 95% of us don’t get it.  Just try that, if it doesn’t give you the same effect then do what you want.  Make sure you drink extra water, for dehydration’s sake.  Also beware of the fact that if you take them for too long you bowels will get lazy and you will have to take them to poop!!  I dunno bout’ you but I don’t want to have to take a pill to take a shit!


**basically I am against it, but I am with you on weight loss so if that is something that works for you have at it.