31 05 2009

If you haven’t guessed I am NOT doing at all well on the diet issue.  I haven’t even been trying and vacation is two weeks away. So fat and all I am going to go to the beaches of Flordia and not give a damn what anyone thinks. Besides I don’t know those people and it’s not as if I have to see them again.  I don’t have anyone to impress and I think that is a problem for me. There is not a special someone in my life that I try to stay lookin good for. Everyone around me I am so comfortable with that I just don’t care. I know that is not the attitude to have but that is just the way I feel. Yes I know you are suppose to do it for yourself and that is the only way it is successful. Blah, blah, blah. So anyways I am going to hang out and see what happens. By far I want to be thinner but I also want to enjoy life and not have to worry all the time about my weight. It sucks so bad to be heavy but it sucks even more to have to worry about being heavy. Whatever I am going on vaca and I am going to have a damn good time and when I get back maybe just maybe I will do something about it then.

On another note I finally got that new car that I have been wanting forever…. I am so excited about it and I love it.  I got a Kia Soul, yes it is the car with the hampster commercial! 

So that is all that is going on in my life nothing too exciting I know but just thought I would share a few moments with you all. Much love