2, 4, 6, 8 Diet

20 10 2008


I found this website about the diet I was telling you about earlier…This will help you understand it better.

 I just finished lunch, it was very satisfying.  I had 4 oz of salmon cooked in spray butter and a fresh garlic clove crushed and chopped and a salad with raspberry vinager dressing…total of 150 calories and I am stuffed.  I feel like it is important for me to keep eating something until I can deal with the empty feeling again.  I just over ate for so long that I get almost sick from not eating.  I am going to attempt to not drink tonight, we shall see.  And to make it all worse I have my period, so that makes it even harder since I crave junk….

Do you think you could do a 2 or 3 day liquid fast and get away with it?  I would love to try it and we could call each other for support?  Let me know…