V8 & Water

21 10 2008

I could do V8 and water if ya let me have that 8 oz. of coffee in the morning. I need some caffeine to get the day started and that makes the headaches more tolerable. I know I am a big baby but what can I say. So I am thinking that the next good time for me to do the fast will be on the weekend of Nov. 8th. This is not a good weekend for me, knowing that I have 3 Halloween parties to go to so I will be drinking this weekend. I have done good and not drank for the last 2 weekends that K has went to her dad’s. It had become a regular thing but I am trying to cut back I found myself wanting to drink everyday, and you know how I am about drinking in front of K. So anyways I have doneĀ ok this morning so far with my cup of coffee and a few pieces of bran cereal and now starting on my water. Exciting huh? Yeah that’s how I felt about it this morning, but I am going to hang in there. I don’t feel hungry but my stomach is achy today. The headache is there but not to bad so far. I changed my mind on the 800 cals for today. That seems like a bit much so I am going for 600. Well have fun shopping and let me know if that weekend will work for ya. I know it is a bit far away but that is about the best I can do. I don’t want to set myself up for failure this weekend. By the way I was only down a pound today. Frustration is here but I am not going to let it get me. I have got to go exercise today!!