Still the same

25 10 2008

I have been the same for 3 days now…getting pissed off myself.  I just took my first albuterol treatment this am and I am shaky, but I know it will work it did in the past.  My stepsister wants to go to the cafe to eat this am..I can’t even get away from there on the weekends, grrrr!  I am going to get Troy beer today so I am gonna get me some coconut rum, I love that stuff and it is less cal than beer.  I have realized over 1/2 the cals I am ingesting are from beer and I am eating way to late at night.  

I am sorry for your frustrations, I hope you get things straightend out at the school…I am sapposed to be going to my friends house tonight to hang out, but the baby ran fever yesterday so we will have to see how she is today.  I am not gonna go if she isn’t feeling good, even if it is my sister keeping them.  More later….guess I have to get ready to to smell yummy food and not eat it!!!