No Change

4 11 2008

Still no change.  I am sitting here hungry and just ate like 3 slices of cucumber.  I want something greasy and yummy so bad, lol.  I don’t have any ephedra so it is getting harder and harder to fight the urges.  I ate pizza pasta last night.  It isn’t that bad, just the carbs.  I feel bad for eating it.  Not to mention that Troy got me a box of white wine and I drank 3 or 4 glasses last night as well.  I had hardly eaten anything yesterday so that got me kinda drunk.  Then the pasta.


I am giving a shout out to Hana.  You are really walking thinspiration.  I went to look at your photobucket pics and you are just a tiny little thing.  Makes me really want to vomit and never eat again.  What makes it even harder is that when I was your age I looked just like you.  My metabolism wasn’t all fucked up from having 3 kids and I could eat anything.  I never had a weight issue, nor was I anorexic.  My mind was normal then.  Now I am fat.  So thank you Hana for the thinspiration and for your blog.  It is great to read and get to know you.


Missing You

3 11 2008

A quick update.  I weighed yesterday for the first time in a week and I am the same as the last time I weighed.  Which means that the ‘normal’ eating I have been doing either hasn’t caught up with me yet or I just didn’t over eat enough to gain.  Today I am back on plan, as well as doing the  I have been getting the email and just deleting them.  I need to make my house clean and if I clean I will burn calories.  So, today I turn a new leaf.  I am probably hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas or both here and I need my house to be Company Ready.


I hope you let me know when you find out your results.  Email me at the least, please.  I hadn’t heard from you in several days…Hope you are well!!


xoxo, starve on.