Surgery Date Set

3 11 2008

Well the results are in.. I am at a level 2 on the scale of 1-3 so it is moderate at this time. Which means that there are cancerous cells on my cervix. Surgery date is set for Jan 2 at 7:30. I know this sounds a little strange to most but I am ready for it. I have been fighting this for over 3 years now and I just want to put it behind me.  Hopefully the surgery goes well. I am a little scared knowing that I have problems with the bleeding situation and I don’t want to bleed to death… forsure.

As far as the weight loss goes I am really not sure. I haven’t been tracking it like I should and have been scared to get on the scale. Today is a new day and I hope to do better this week.  I went shopping and got some healthy food choices to have for the week and hopefully that will do the trick.. and keep me out of the candy from halloween. I have to admit, that has been a down fall this weekend. Not a good thing! 

Anyways sorry that I haven’t been on lately there has been alot going on and with all that comes alot of planning, and I like to have things mapped out in advance. Along with the issue that if something does happen to me I want things to work out for K so that has been an issue that I have tried to discuss with her father. We will see how things go but please keep me in your prayers

starve on, stay strong




29 10 2008

Thank you so much for the encouragement and understanding. However I was back down 2 of the pounds that I had gained this morning so that was a good start to this day. Overall I had put back on 8 pounds so I still have a long way to go. I am not tracking it so much but like you I am only eating when I am hungry and trying to make better choices and portion control. I must have tricked my body yesterday because I ate a McChicken and I know that wasn’t good for me. But I kept away from the fries and that is all I had til dinner at which I had a turkey burger for dinner. Nothing else, cal wise I have no idea where I stood but I felt like it was a good day. I haven’t been gettin in my water like I should and I know that if I would it would be better success. Oh well with everything going on I can only hope that what I am doing will be enough for now. By the way it got down to 27  here lastnight. So maybe I am burning so cals staying warm too. I did have to finally turn on a little heat for K though.  Best of luck to you and hang in there, it will get easier. It has to right?  I am proud of ya and thanks for the support. I will let ya know more when I do.