This weekend was a joke..

26 10 2008

¬†am just going to put it this way and tell ya that I completely blew it this weekend and at this point I have not got on the scale. To scared to know where I am at. Hopefully it will get better after I get the stress of the school issue off my back. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, between the working and the moving and my cuz b-day party I left my house at 7:30 sat am and got home 1:30 this am. Needless to say I did alot of drinking this weekend and eating things I shouldn’t of ate. All just to try to forget some of the stress. Starting tomorrow I will be back on track and full speed ahead, (that is my plan). After the school issue I have to go to the Dr. about the cancer issue. It is going to be a hectic day so that will help to keep my mind off of food. As for today I am going to binge and get in everything that I am craving so that tomorrow will be easier. Hope ya are havin a great weekend.

Love from your EDNO friend