Up 2 Pounds, WTF?!

27 10 2008

I went Saturday and got me some rum.  It is 64 calories a jigger and I am doing shots so that is 1/2 the calories of a beer and more alcohol.  I drank beer and rum sat. night, yes I am a drunk.  I was down .5 yesterday but up 2 today!!  I think I must have eaten extra salt yesterday because I didn’t have nearly as many calories yesterday as I did Saturday.  

Water and lots of it today.  I am getting quite addicted to the albuterol.  Not sure if it is helping but I like the shaky high feeling from it.  It does grumpify me tho.

I have already had 500 calories and it is 10 am.  Not good.  But I had 1/2 of Full Throttle energy drink that was 100 calories alone, and I ate toast at 6 so I was hungry again at 9:30 so I had a FF weenier and baked lays.  

This afternoon well be busy.  And tonight is the fall festival that I am taking the girls to for their trick or treat.  So as soon as I get home I have to dress the big girls and go to get candy.  I think Troy will just keep the baby here, it might be easier that way.  Being busy makes me eat more, most would just be too busy but I am hungry all the time when I am busy.  I guess because I am using more energy.  I hope you are having a good morning!!!




Week 1 Stats*how much I have lost…

26 10 2008

I am not gonna post my weight…but I will post that I have lost 6 pounds since last Sunday when I started this adventure.  That isn’t that bad, I could have done better.  I feel like I need to cut back the alcohol and eat earlier.  I also think some form of exercise is in order this week, walking, sit-up, something.  I have been really active this week, but nothing extra.  

I am not eating very much at all, but I am drinking all of my calories, which IMO is worse.  I just can’t help it.  I feel so hungry at 4 pm and when I drink a beer all that hunger disappears…Then I want more beers, LOL!

I did another Albuterol treatment this am.  I don’t like how it makes me feel, I get really grumpy.  I think it helps tho, like the Clen would.  I just need to buy some of that.

Friday Morning

24 10 2008

No change here…still the same as yesterday.  This is when I begin to get frustrated.  I am getting the breathing machine out this afternoon and see if that doesn’t help.  I know that I am not eating that much, I mean you are eating way less than me, but I am eating maybe one solid meal a day.  Yesterday I ate 2 and the last one was late and I went to bed right after.  I know I should eat 3 hours b4 I lay down, but it is hard cuz DH eats so late.

I am going to the school for the little pumpkin patch thing today.  That will be exercise for sure, chasing 4 and 5 year olds all over a play area!!  *fun fun*  I took 5 sudefedrines and 2 hoodia this am 8 oz of the strawberries/banana V8(which is gross, btw, I prefer the regular for 80 calories for 8 oz to this for 50 calories)  I am taking 1/2 an onion bagel with me to the cafe in case, and a can of regular V8.  I hope I don’t eat at all, but smelling all the food sends me over the edge :P…I hope you were down this am, I will try to be on messenger this afternoon.  I think I may pick up some laxys just to clean me out…I think you are already clean, but you had a point.  My body is still full of crap that hasn’t come out yet.  I need to do a liquid fast and detox for sure.

Just gonna go one day at a time…I can’t get it off over night*sadly*




Mid-Week….and tidbits

23 10 2008

I am down 1 pound from yesterday, so  total of of 5.5 pounds so far.  I hardy ate yesterday, I didn’t make it all liquid tho.  I almost did but I got so sick to my stomach at 930 I couldn’t sleep so I ate a Smart Ones for 230 calories…I drank some beers too.  But my total food cals was just the 230+ the cals in V8…I am glad I am down today, seeing the scales move down and not up is helping me stay motivated.  

You know it is hard when we are going to the cafe everyday for bfast…the first day I got a boiled egg and wheat toast, yesterday I didn’t eat at all.  I love eating there too 😦  I have to control this I need to get rid of this nasty fat.  I think today will be slower than yesterday, so I hope I can get my juices on.  I got some of that V8 fusion light and I am gonna try to just drink that when I am feeling hungry.  If I can get down to just one meal a day then I feel like I have accomplished something.  Esp. since I was eating even when I wasn’t hungry b4.  I didn’t exercise yesterday, but I did some cleaning around the house and that was like a work out, trust me!!  I might walk today, I will see how I am feeling at nap time.  

Where did u get your ephedra from?  Can you still buy it at the gas stations there?  They stopped doing that here 2 years ago, but I couldn’t remember if IL went first or after.  I am gonna have to order some today, I know that it helps me.  Do you think your headaches are from not eating or from no caffeine?  Try going to Wally World and getting a hoodia pill, most of them have caffeine in them and take one when you get a headache.  

I did horrible with water yesterday, not sure why either.  I have to drink more today…I hope to catch you IM today…missed you yesterday! XOXO

Going to the store

21 10 2008

Yesterday wasn’t great I ate 1290 calories, 570 of which was beer…I know!  But I am still down 2 pounds for a total of 5 since Sunday.  You last post got our first comment.  I think it was geared towards me, they found us via a comment I made on another blog…But still yay for our first commenter!!  Today my only plan is for 1000 or less…I really would like to see a 10 pound loss this week.  I know it will come of fast at first then slow, but I stay motivated with the scales going down.  I am going to the grocery store for more celery and some skim milk.  I think milk makes me feel full and all we have is whole milk.

The liquid fast would need to be juices and water…maybe some broths or soups, but that is it.  I love V8 and I will use that and water.  V8 fills me up like a meal so it works for me.  Also hot teas, they really are a God send.  Just no soda or carbonation.  Can you do that?  I would say no coffee, but then you surely wouldn’t do it, LOL.  Let me know which weekend works for you and I will try to write out my 3 day liquid plan…



2, 4, 6, 8 Diet

20 10 2008


I found this website about the diet I was telling you about earlier…This will help you understand it better.

 I just finished lunch, it was very satisfying.  I had 4 oz of salmon cooked in spray butter and a fresh garlic clove crushed and chopped and a salad with raspberry vinager dressing…total of 150 calories and I am stuffed.  I feel like it is important for me to keep eating something until I can deal with the empty feeling again.  I just over ate for so long that I get almost sick from not eating.  I am going to attempt to not drink tonight, we shall see.  And to make it all worse I have my period, so that makes it even harder since I crave junk….

Do you think you could do a 2 or 3 day liquid fast and get away with it?  I would love to try it and we could call each other for support?  Let me know…



My Top 10 Tricks/Tips

19 10 2008

1. Negative Calorie Foods are your new bestie(google it now)

2. Drink tons of ice cold water.  Ice cold anything is good.  Cold water raises metabolism and burns calories. Also, when you are thirsty, you may confuse hunger for thirst. 

3. Take Caffiene pill or drink something low calorie and caffinated.  Not only is caffiene great for energy but it is also a natural diuretic so no need for water pills.

4. Exercise often.  If you can’t exercise often try clenching your butt cheeks.  The use of the gluts cause tons of calorie burn and it is easy to do often.

5. Use supplements like Ephedrine or Clenbuterol.  Both raise your body temperature helping you burn calories by doing nothing.

6. Count all calories, even negative calories because they add up.

7. Sleep as much as you can.  It is known that people who get at least 8 hours of sleep a night are 85% less hungry than the counterparts who get less sleep.

8. Eat slow

9. Cut down on sodium.  Try to never add salt to you foods.  Sodium will make you retain water.

10. Always fidget.  Movement!  Any calorie burning is better than none.

And for more just google Pro ana tips/tricks!!