Depressed In IL

25 10 2008

Well today was a bad day for me. I got up this morning thinking that things had to be better well they weren’t so much and it got worse as the day went on. I WAS down 1.2 this am but I was up yesterday 3 so it didn’t really balance out.  I thought I would try to eat a salad today and go HEALTHY  for a few days but that all went to hell this pm. K came home from school with her report card and I was pist to find out that she is failing reading after I specifically told them to let me know if she got to that point. AND THEY DIDN’T… So Monday morning I will be at the school raising hell. If that wasn’t bad enough it added to the stress and I began drinking as soon as she left with her dad.  Then I got called back to work and I felt like shit going in there. I love my job but I wasn’t in the mood when the call came in.  After work I decided that I had already blew the whole day with the salad and drinking so I went to eat with a friend to let off some steam and I had 2 bread sticks and alot more to drink. BTW I am drinking vodka and water so it only has 64 cals a shot but still I went way over today. I did no exercise what so ever.  Tomorrow is not looking any better because I have to work at 8 and then as soon as that is over we are moving everything into the new shop. Definitely drinking tomorrow. I just need a well deserved day of rest to gather all of my thoughts. Completely pissed right now and not gettin over it any time to soon. Probably not til I talk to the school and find out what the hell is going on. Sorry for the pissy post will try to be better tomorrow. Best of luck to you. My fast for now is on hold….