Low Cal Alternatives if you must eat…

22 10 2008

I thought I would make a list of the things I eat if I absolutely have to, and some of the meals I have as well.


Bfast foods: I choose one of the following when I decide to eat bfast

1/2 of an onion bagel(plain)-100 calories

1/2 of a banana-40 calories

8 oz of V8-50 calories

1 hard boiled egg- 80 calories


Lunch Time-

Salad plain-0(neg cal)

6 oz of tuna in water-150 calories*it is 50 calories for 2 oz so you can always just eat part of the can*

2 slices of turkey-40 calories


Salmon-4oz-80 calories

cod- 4 oz- 50 calories

steamed veggies-I use neg cal veggies-0

Turkey burger*no bun*-140

These are just some of my favorite things, but there are so many low cal choices..I forgot shrimp cocktail that is yummy and very low cal.

Snacks when I am ravished-

celery-neg cal

broccoli-neg cal

V8-8 oz 50 cal

strawberries-neg cal fruit

cauliflower-neg cal

Natures Vally granola-1/2 the package is 90 calories this is only when I want something sweet-Honey Oat flavored

Power Pop(hoodia lollypop)-30 calories

1/2 cup skim milk-45 calories

just a few of my favs again.  Maybe it will give someone else some ideas…feel free to comment and add any that you might like as well…S post some of yours too!!!