21 10 2008

So I just got done shopping. I picked up a few things to get ready for the fast and thought I might try to do it for a couple of days this week since I will be working nights and noone will notice that I am not eating. I got 100% juice, low sodium V8, and lots of water. A little trick of mine is to heat up the V8 and then it is like tomato soup but more vitamins. I’ve also found that if I eat standing up I tend to eat less it is not as comforting. I am going to drink the juice as if it were my meal. A little something with flavor is more filling after liters of water has truly filled me up. Anyway got to go get K from school so…More later…


Going to the store

21 10 2008

Yesterday wasn’t great I ate 1290 calories, 570 of which was beer…I know!  But I am still down 2 pounds for a total of 5 since Sunday.  You last post got our first comment.  I think it was geared towards me, they found us via a comment I made on another blog…But still yay for our first commenter!!  Today my only plan is for 1000 or less…I really would like to see a 10 pound loss this week.  I know it will come of fast at first then slow, but I stay motivated with the scales going down.  I am going to the grocery store for more celery and some skim milk.  I think milk makes me feel full and all we have is whole milk.

The liquid fast would need to be juices and water…maybe some broths or soups, but that is it.  I love V8 and I will use that and water.  V8 fills me up like a meal so it works for me.  Also hot teas, they really are a God send.  Just no soda or carbonation.  Can you do that?  I would say no coffee, but then you surely wouldn’t do it, LOL.  Let me know which weekend works for you and I will try to write out my 3 day liquid plan…