6 11 2008

I know you know that purging really does no good with weight loss.  It will only make you maintain.  There is a percentage of the calories that do process in your body.


As for the water in your alcohol.  Well you can’t really count it.  For every alcoholic beverage you drink you should drink an ADDITIONAL 8 oz glass of water.  Alcohol will, no doubt, dehydrate you.  That is what a hangover is, dehydration.  JUST FYI…

I am not doing very well.  I am sick at my stomach for the second day.  I haven’t thrown up yet but it almost feels like a stomach bug.  I hope it goes away soon, cuz I am having a hard time functioning daily.  I had 2 glasses of wine last night and nearly hurlled.  

Better day tomorrow…I hope.

xoxo in Texas-




22 10 2008

Well I didn’t do well yesterday at all…Being sick and rushing around all afternoon made it hard to focus.  I am not sure what the final calorie count was because I stopped counting.

But I have made up for that today, I have only had liquids.  The only thing with calories was low sodium V8!!  I also picked up some banana/strawberry Fusion(Light) 50 cal for 8 oz.  I finally got my fridge stocked up with some good snack veggies.

I didn’t get in enough water yesterday, but I am picking up the pace today.  I also took my last ephedra this am, so we will see what that does to me.  Exercise is now becoming a concern of mine.  I have some great walking videos by Leslie Sansone that I am seriously thinking about restarting.  I know as restricted as my calories are that it would do a world of good and I would see more results on the scales.

I am thinking about having some V8 soup and eating some celery with it for lunch…or when I get hungry cuz it is noon and I am still not really hungry yet!!  We will see.


Mood: OKay, feeling sick from my sinus stuff


18 10 2008

I just spent an hour researching Clenbuterol and trying to figure out how I can convince Troy to get me some.  The cheapest I have found is 45 bucks but the shipping was 20!  And all the articles I read say to get at least 40mg not the 20 that I saw for $45.  I also pondered using the breathing machine w/ albuterol again.  It makes me shake for 15 min, but then I am golden for 5 hours.  I was taking it in addition to the ephedra and had great results.  I thought about seeing if we could split a bottle, but then how would we do that 800 miles apart?  I sent him to wally world to buy me some hoodia.  I have the power pops with hoodia and they work, but I am all out of the flavors I adore.  I got so inspired by you today, I am so glad that we talked.  I really want to lose this weight quickly and keep it off this time.

I plan on going full force tomorrow, since I ate the B&G this am then a potato for lunch and I am sure I will be drinking beer this evening.  But my calories will be down tomorrow and most of the calories I do consume will be alcohol on most days.  

Mood: Excited, happy

My Favs for thinspo

18 10 2008






I have many many more favorites, but in my notebook I have photos of these two.  I think seeing them helps me to watch what I put into my mouth even more.