If you have to eat, eat right….Portion Control!!!

26 10 2008


To make portion control a snap, think … 

The right portion … Is about the size of …
3 oz. of meat or poultry A cassette tape
3 oz. of grilled fish Your checkbook
½ cup of pasta or rice An ice cream scoop
1 oz. of cheese 4 stacked dice
1 cup fresh greens A tennis ball
1 oz. of pretzels or other snack foods A large handful
1 medium fruit or a small potato Your computer mouse
1 teaspoon of butter or margarine A Scrabble tile
1 ounce of bread or 1 small roll A Yo-Yo

Here is a quick Jumpstart plan to really take the weight off fast!!
To Jumpstart You on Your Way to Success!
Choose your foods as recommended in the Meal Plan
SAMPLE MEAL PLAN                               DAY 1 THROUGH DAY 10
BREAKFAST                                                     1 Protein
1 Fruit or Grain
Choice of any calorie free beverage
SNACK                                                             1 Protein
LUNCH                                                             1 Protein
1 Vegetable
1 Fruit
2 cups lettuce with 1 Tbsp fat three dressing
Choice of any calorie free beverage
SNACK                                                             1 Protein
WATER INTAKE                                                Eight 8 oz glasses of water
RECOMMENDED EXERCISE                             5-10 minutes stretching
20 minutes cardio
(Gradually increase duration)
15-20 minutes of weight training
* The information presented in this plan is in no way intended as medical advice. The information should be used in conjunction with the guidance and care of your physician.  Always consult your physician before starting any weight loss program. This plan should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.
What fun!  Who doesn’t savor gathering with family or friends to share a delicious meal and be waited on!  Believe it or not, the health-conscious enjoy dining out as much as anyone. Here’s where knowing portion size and having a general idea of fat and calorie count will really ease your mind.
Recommendations by Cuisine
Italian Food:
Go for salads, but go light on the dressing. Always have dressings and sauces served on the side in any restaurant. Order marinara and light tomato sauce instead of the alfredo and heavy meat sauces. Use pasta as a side dish instead of the main course. Think of cheese as a lightly used condiment. If it is a main ingredient, ask them to go light on the cheese. Explore the many wonderful fish and seafood
dishes featured in many Italian restaurants.
Mexican Food:
Consider the fish or chicken dishes. Order the soft tortillas instead of the friend corn shells. Ask for plain rice on the side. Use the sour creamsparingly; go heavier on the salsa. Refried beans are usually prepared in lard, so order black beans instead.
Asian Food:
This food has great potential to be delicious and healthy, but there are many pitfalls. Try sushi, but go very light on the soy sauce. Stay away from everything that is fried! Ask for your food to be cooked without MSG or sugar and just a touch of oil and soy. You may also enjoy garlic an ginger in a dish as well. Eat the plain steamed or brown rice.
Fast Food:
Once in a while, you may find yourself with no alternative. The good news is a lot of fast food restaurants have added a few healthy choices. If the lure of the smell of the burgers and fries is just too much, order the small size and eat slowly. Do not order a regular soft drink or super size.

Here are a Few Tips:  
If you are dining later than your regular mealtime, eat a light snack. Even if you are not, a light snack will help curb your appetite. Never go out to eat ravenously hungry.

Many restaurants are publishing their menus on the Internet and in local yellow pages, so try to get a sneak peek.
Remember to use the palm of your hand or a deck of cards as a serving size guide.  If you are in a restaurant that serves large portions, try to share an order. If that’s not possible, as soon as your food is served, ask the waiter for a “to go” container, separate your single serving, and place the rest in the container.
If you have labored over the menu and nothing suits your needs, ask to modify a dish so it will fit your requirements.  Most restaurants will accommodate you.