18 10 2008

I just spent an hour researching Clenbuterol and trying to figure out how I can convince Troy to get me some.  The cheapest I have found is 45 bucks but the shipping was 20!  And all the articles I read say to get at least 40mg not the 20 that I saw for $45.  I also pondered using the breathing machine w/ albuterol again.  It makes me shake for 15 min, but then I am golden for 5 hours.  I was taking it in addition to the ephedra and had great results.  I thought about seeing if we could split a bottle, but then how would we do that 800 miles apart?  I sent him to wally world to buy me some hoodia.  I have the power pops with hoodia and they work, but I am all out of the flavors I adore.  I got so inspired by you today, I am so glad that we talked.  I really want to lose this weight quickly and keep it off this time.

I plan on going full force tomorrow, since I ate the B&G this am then a potato for lunch and I am sure I will be drinking beer this evening.  But my calories will be down tomorrow and most of the calories I do consume will be alcohol on most days.  

Mood: Excited, happy