6 11 2008

I know you know that purging really does no good with weight loss.  It will only make you maintain.  There is a percentage of the calories that do process in your body.


As for the water in your alcohol.  Well you can’t really count it.  For every alcoholic beverage you drink you should drink an ADDITIONAL 8 oz glass of water.  Alcohol will, no doubt, dehydrate you.  That is what a hangover is, dehydration.  JUST FYI…

I am not doing very well.  I am sick at my stomach for the second day.  I haven’t thrown up yet but it almost feels like a stomach bug.  I hope it goes away soon, cuz I am having a hard time functioning daily.  I had 2 glasses of wine last night and nearly hurlled.  

Better day tomorrow…I hope.

xoxo in Texas-



Binge and Purge

6 11 2008

So things haven’t been going as planned here in IL. I have been binging like crazy and with that comes the purge. I don’t even have to binge now to want to purge. I don’t like the feeling but every time I eat I just feel the need to throw it all back up. My body is resiting the food which is a good thing but at the same time I don’t want this to be the way. I have done this before and it has had some bad efects on my health and I don’t want for anything else to come bad health wise. I am concerned about gaining weight after the surgery so if anyone has some tips on that it would be much appreciated.

On a positive note things at the new shop are going great. I have been busy as I can be which is a good that keeps me from eating…(which I definately need that). I am having trouble with not eating all day, by the time that I get home I am starving so then I do eat something and its not all the things I should eat. However I am trying to stay within the 800 cal mark. Most days go pretty well but I do tend to drink over my limit.  All the drinking is starting to catch up with me and I am trying to slow that back down to nothing(but I am getting my water in this way).

Thanks so much to Hana for the comments and the thinspiration. You are so strong and I admire you for that. I could only wish that I was that thin but the baby belly seems to never go away. I am thinking of trying to do your diet and hopefully it will work as well for me.  I someimes think of trying the trippin again but I don’t want to do it around K. Although it did keep me from wanting to eat and I stayed busy doing nothing. If only I could go back to the good Ol days…haha

Much love to all that reads

starve on, stay strong

xoxo  S

Still Fasting in IL

23 10 2008

So last night after getting off of here and going to bed my stomach hurt so bad that I decided to eat something. I ate a small bowl of cereal and then felt so bad about it that I decided to purge.  The only good part of that is it was easy to purge.  I was so happy all day that I had lived through the hunger and then I blew it and ate and at bed time at that. This morning wasn’t much better when I got up and found out that I had only lost a pound. I’m hoping that this is all worth it come Sat morning.  The benefiber by the way is not working for me if anything it is making me feel bloated so that is done for. Back to the laxy’s for a while. Oh and I do take caffeine pills so I don’t think that the headaches are from that. The ephedra I get at the gas station. They quit it here for a while but now they are back. I actually just picked some up this morning while getting juice. Well that’s all I have for now but I will post again tomorrow.