19 10 2008

Well here is what I have to say.  I did the laxy thing and then I found out that you body still consumes the calories.  All you are getting rid of is waste.  Wouldn’t you rather take extra fiber and poop?  It would do less harm to your body and give you the same effect.  Your body still uses/stores the calories either way.  I tried some benifiber and it works just as good for me as ex lax.  The average woman needs at least 80grams of fiber a day and 95% of us don’t get it.  Just try that, if it doesn’t give you the same effect then do what you want.  Make sure you drink extra water, for dehydration’s sake.  Also beware of the fact that if you take them for too long you bowels will get lazy and you will have to take them to poop!!  I dunno bout’ you but I don’t want to have to take a pill to take a shit!


**basically I am against it, but I am with you on weight loss so if that is something that works for you have at it.