So the Weekend is Here

7 11 2008

I have to admit that lastnight was a totally waste of my day. It was my bros bday so we always go out to eat for bdays(just what I needed).  Ofcourse I ate like I hadn’t ate in days and went on a totally binge.  How stupid was that?  Anyways when I got home I played it off that my acid reflux was making me sick and I had to I did and got away with it ok.  I ate chips and salsa, chic ceasar pita, fries, we had appetizers and they brought out icecream after that.  It was the worst day this week and its not over.

Today has been a good day so far and I plan to keep it that way. For b-fast I had an apple with just a bit of P.B.  Snack was stawberries, lunch 1 oz. of turkey, cantaloupe, & celery.  Throughout the day I ate the lunch a bit at a time.  Tonight I plan to have a nice salad from somewhere.  So hopefully today will stay going well and I will stick to the plan(I AM GIONG TO STICK TO THE PLAN, I HAVE TO). 

Had a meeting with the kids teachers today and that went pretty well.  She is still having alot of difficulties but the meeting to have her tested is next Thurs. so hopefully they will agree to test her and we will get all of that taken care of.  She is improving but she struggles so much and I feel so bad for her.  If only I could just do it for her I would.

Well I am off to start the weekend.  I am going to try to finish my christmas shopping. Some friends and I are going out of town shopping and I am sure they will want to go out to eat so I am making no promises for the weekend but I am going to try to get away with as little food as possible but I know that the drinks are going to add up. Hope everyone has a GREAT  weekend and I will c u all later

Much love…xoxo…starve on…S



22 10 2008

Well I didn’t do well yesterday at all…Being sick and rushing around all afternoon made it hard to focus.  I am not sure what the final calorie count was because I stopped counting.

But I have made up for that today, I have only had liquids.  The only thing with calories was low sodium V8!!  I also picked up some banana/strawberry Fusion(Light) 50 cal for 8 oz.  I finally got my fridge stocked up with some good snack veggies.

I didn’t get in enough water yesterday, but I am picking up the pace today.  I also took my last ephedra this am, so we will see what that does to me.  Exercise is now becoming a concern of mine.  I have some great walking videos by Leslie Sansone that I am seriously thinking about restarting.  I know as restricted as my calories are that it would do a world of good and I would see more results on the scales.

I am thinking about having some V8 soup and eating some celery with it for lunch…or when I get hungry cuz it is noon and I am still not really hungry yet!!  We will see.


Mood: OKay, feeling sick from my sinus stuff