6 11 2008

I know you know that purging really does no good with weight loss.  It will only make you maintain.  There is a percentage of the calories that do process in your body.


As for the water in your alcohol.  Well you can’t really count it.  For every alcoholic beverage you drink you should drink an ADDITIONAL 8 oz glass of water.  Alcohol will, no doubt, dehydrate you.  That is what a hangover is, dehydration.  JUST FYI…

I am not doing very well.  I am sick at my stomach for the second day.  I haven’t thrown up yet but it almost feels like a stomach bug.  I hope it goes away soon, cuz I am having a hard time functioning daily.  I had 2 glasses of wine last night and nearly hurlled.  

Better day tomorrow…I hope.

xoxo in Texas-