Up 2 Pounds, WTF?!

27 10 2008

I went Saturday and got me some rum.  It is 64 calories a jigger and I am doing shots so that is 1/2 the calories of a beer and more alcohol.  I drank beer and rum sat. night, yes I am a drunk.  I was down .5 yesterday but up 2 today!!  I think I must have eaten extra salt yesterday because I didn’t have nearly as many calories yesterday as I did Saturday.  

Water and lots of it today.  I am getting quite addicted to the albuterol.  Not sure if it is helping but I like the shaky high feeling from it.  It does grumpify me tho.

I have already had 500 calories and it is 10 am.  Not good.  But I had 1/2 of Full Throttle energy drink that was 100 calories alone, and I ate toast at 6 so I was hungry again at 9:30 so I had a FF weenier and baked lays.  

This afternoon well be busy.  And tonight is the fall festival that I am taking the girls to for their trick or treat.  So as soon as I get home I have to dress the big girls and go to get candy.  I think Troy will just keep the baby here, it might be easier that way.  Being busy makes me eat more, most would just be too busy but I am hungry all the time when I am busy.  I guess because I am using more energy.  I hope you are having a good morning!!!