Wintery Weather

13 11 2008

Am I the only one who feels like the weather totally effects my eating? I seriously have done nothing today except for eat and work. It’s like if I don’t have anything else to do I am constantly at the fridge looking for something to eat. This cold weather really screws me all up. I can’t go outside to do anything so there for I am stuck in the house looking for food to cook and eat. I don’t even really want it but it is something to do.

I have also fell so far off the tracks that it is like I can’t seem to get going again. I start out the day doing so well and then before I know it I have ate something that is so bad for me that I feel like I have blown the whole day so I continue to eat things that I know I should not put in my body. Like this morning for example I had done really good yesterday and then today I walk past a KITKAT in the gas station and I pick it up. I DON’T EVEN LIKE KITKATS… but it was so good today. I guess just because I knew that I shouldn’t of had it. That’s not all of it though, since I had already blew the day(or so I felt) I also had a cheeseburger only mayo. Something that I have been craving since I started all this. Hopefully it is now out of my system and I can move on tomorrow. What the hell is my problem? I have done this before why can’t I get myself motivated to do it this time?

On another note thanks to all our readers and for the comments that you leave. Starve on, stay strong, never give up..Peace out




29 10 2008

Thank you so much for the encouragement and understanding. However I was back down 2 of the pounds that I had gained this morning so that was a good start to this day. Overall I had put back on 8 pounds so I still have a long way to go. I am not tracking it so much but like you I am only eating when I am hungry and trying to make better choices and portion control. I must have tricked my body yesterday because I ate a McChicken and I know that wasn’t good for me. But I kept away from the fries and that is all I had til dinner at which I had a turkey burger for dinner. Nothing else, cal wise I have no idea where I stood but I felt like it was a good day. I haven’t been gettin in my water like I should and I know that if I would it would be better success. Oh well with everything going on I can only hope that what I am doing will be enough for now. By the way it got down to 27  here lastnight. So maybe I am burning so cals staying warm too. I did have to finally turn on a little heat for K though.  Best of luck to you and hang in there, it will get easier. It has to right?  I am proud of ya and thanks for the support. I will let ya know more when I do.


No News

28 10 2008

Well I have no news for ya on the weight loss because I haven’t tracked it for the last few days.  Yesterday was a very stressful day for me and I felt no need to eat. I got up and went to the school and got things taken care of there. That went pretty good. Afterwards I had to go to what I thought was a repeat pap for the precancerous cells on my cervics. Come to find out it was a biopsy. They think I might actually have the CANCER this time. If that wasn’t the worst of it, after she had done the biopsy they couldn’t get me to stop bleeding. I spent 2 hours in there yesterday. I will know the results in about a week. This is going to be a long week for me. So I have to say that with everything that is going on I probably will not track very well this week. I have opted to have a historectomy though whether it be cancer or not this time I just want this out of my body. On a positive note I do go to work at the new shop today so that will be exciting. Got alot going on this weeks so I will try to keep ya posted. Goodbye for now,


Week 1 Stats*how much I have lost…

26 10 2008

I am not gonna post my weight…but I will post that I have lost 6 pounds since last Sunday when I started this adventure.  That isn’t that bad, I could have done better.  I feel like I need to cut back the alcohol and eat earlier.  I also think some form of exercise is in order this week, walking, sit-up, something.  I have been really active this week, but nothing extra.  

I am not eating very much at all, but I am drinking all of my calories, which IMO is worse.  I just can’t help it.  I feel so hungry at 4 pm and when I drink a beer all that hunger disappears…Then I want more beers, LOL!

I did another Albuterol treatment this am.  I don’t like how it makes me feel, I get really grumpy.  I think it helps tho, like the Clen would.  I just need to buy some of that.